Sunday, February 21, 2010

Washington DC - Montmarte

Brunch is a big thing on Capitol Hill.  So a place serving brunch would be a best seller, and French bistro style like Montmarte, means waits of up to 40 minutes on the weekend for a table, if you have a party of more than 4.  But if you are patient, it is a pretty worthwhile wait for the classics on offer.  It's not a big menu but everything sounds yummy, so it takes a while to settle on your choices.

Can't do without eggs on the weekend so Eggs Benedict with spinach and hollandaise on a muffin topped off with crisp pancetta seemed like a logical choice.  Surprisingly served up with a seriously runny egg (I thought the salmonella scare in the country would still make restaurants think twice but glad they didn't!) and a hollandaise which had a subtle hint of white wine perhaps but whatever it was, it took the heaviness of the dish away.  Spinach which was not overcooked was a nice fibre add.

Our other French staple of the buckwheat crepe with spinach, tomatoes, eggs and swiss cheese, with a choice of prosciutto was also very yummy.  The red onions added crunch and a little pungency for balance and again, the runny egg bound all the flavours together.  Well executed.

Since it was a lovely day out, we decided to live dangerously and have dessert.  We ordered the creme brulee which was decent, but not the best I've had.  The top was a tad too burnt for my liking but otherwise, competent enough to finish the meal on a happy note.

Overall, it was worth our 20 minute wait.

327 Seventh Street SE
Washington DC 20003 
Tel: +1-202-5441244

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