Sunday, February 28, 2010

Los Angeles - Dinner at KS'

Ironically but never surprisingly, the best meals are at home.  And so, with great fortune, I got invited to KS' on my last night in LA.  Beautiful home not far from the water on Redondo Beach, it boasted a nice big kitchen and since we were rushing a little so I could catch my flight out (sorry K), K got to work as soon as we got to the house.

K's other half H, had been great to have already made light work of a beautiful salad as well a pot of French Onion Soup on the stove.  Even with entertaining his best friend L and his lovely wife J from Missouri, he managed to to do all that.  What a lovely man.  And the stories of H and L are great - they've been best buds since 1969, how many people can boast that!

And Tigger was waiting patiently in the kitchen - didn't get to photograph Charlie - he always seemed to be busy...

In between sips of Francis Ford Coppola's vintage, which is almost as good as his movies, K started to roll the dough and patiently layer on the Black Forest ham, and Swiss cheese, after spreading a generous layer of whole grain mustard.  Sealed, glaced, the whole pastry was popped into the oven while we sat down with our glasses and started tucking into our salad, followed by the hearty soup.

Nicely balanced between the onions and the essence from the meat in the broth, it was made better by the good quality Parmesan which was allowed to congeal over the top, and accompanied by a nicely chewy sourdough slice (good thing there were seconds).

And it was with great timing, that after enjoying the soup, the pastry was ready  - moment of truth - it rose perfectly and was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, made even more deliciously so from the Swiss, and well seasoned by the Black Forest ham, with enough meatiness yet not salty as it would have been had we eaten this dish in a bistro.

And as any good host, K provided 2 desserts - no need to choose, just have both.  I was stuffed and so I had the vanilla ice cream with the sweetest raspberries ever.  The cupcakes looked inviting but unfortunately I had no room.   Must be sure to pace myself next time - I was assured we will do it again!  YESS!

Wonder what what surprises are in store next time...

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