Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunar New Year - Traditions Part 1

Part of the attraction of the lunar new year is clinging on to traditions, and for me, traditional foods bring to mind the very many memories of growing up.  Isn't that part of life?  Just a collection of memories that you hope you are lucid enough to bring with you when you leave?  And hopefully leave behind with loved ones after you go?

The humble radish cake is a tradition embraced more tightly by HongKongers than Singaporeans but is becoming increasingly popular with the sprouting of the many Hong Kong Canto restaurants in Singapore.  This new year's, I was gifted one from the Panda Hotel in Hong Kong by E.

I decided to cut it up roughly into chunks, throw it into a pan to slightly brown, and stir in an egg for added taste and fragrance.

Then dress it up I did, to make it healthier, and of course pretty for the camera.  A tad salty but chock full of conpoy and Chinese sausage.  A humble but yummy brekkie to ring in the new year!

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