Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singapore - Shibaken

Trust ladies who lunch.. that's what I say. Especially if they happen to be Japanese. From my various visits to Japan, I've always noticed queues at good restaurants during the lunch hours. They know the best food at the best value. So when I come across a review which indicates that Japanese ladies who lunch flock there, I am there. This time, I was there for dinner. We selected the 5-course of Shibaken's 2 prix fixe menus since it was our first time.

We started with a sashimi platter of scallops, Canadian lobster and the in-season bonito, drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette. The seafood, in particular the scallops, were exceedingly fresh. Worthy of a Japanese sashimi/sushi restaurant.

Cabbage cream soup warmed our opened appetites thereafter. Sounds boring, but when you taste it, you can taste the process of superior stock, good quality cream with generous bits of cabbage for bite. If it hadn't been for a plain presentation (white soup in a white bowl with no garnish), the photo would have made it up here.

For my main course, I selected the Australian Wagyu in a sea salt bread roll, served with sauteed mushrooms and Kenyan kale flowers. The clever use of the roll to seal in the beef captured the juices from the beef as it baked and made the roll that much more tasty to chew on too. While I would have personally preferred a Japanese Wagyu's marbling, I couldn't find fault with the taste which resulted.

My dining partner B's choice of the rascasse on a bed of seasonal vegetables was outstanding in the choice of fish but disappointing in the final delivery and I way preferred my choice of the beef.

I also selected the Oolong tea risotto with topped with firefly squids and served with a very good red miso soup and pickles.

B's soba with grated mullet roe and served with a sake was also a nice balance of the sometimes overpowering roe. Both are good ways to set a fine meal.

Dessert was the in-house trio of French chocolate desserts - an opera (which was rich but light), a chocolate macaron, and the winner of the trio, a scoop of chocolate ice cream (light on the cream and heavy on the quality chocolate) with crispy chocolate rice balls!

Served with a smooth filtered coffee in a pretty coffee cup, Delightful!

Hats off to Chef Kenichi Shibata for bringing a delightful French dinner that is perfect for women who love their French cuisine but without having to suffer on the waistline too much!

Shibaken French Cuisine
1 Nanson Road
The Gallery Hotel
Tel: 6836 1613

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