Saturday, March 21, 2009

Singapore - Ma Maison (The Central)

Foreign-inspired Japanese food have been around for so long that it is almost a culture in itself. International (well at least within the Asian region) favourites include Japanese curry (eaten with rice or udon), the deep-fried breaded series of foods including pork, shrimp and of course the croquette, pastas, and of course, the hambaagu! Ma Maison (originally from Nagoya) specialises in bringing some of these favourites in a French cottage feel. The modern alternative comfort food.

Ma Maison is known to pack in the crowds but on a recent Sunday, we managed to stroll in without reservations at about 8 in the evening. The decor is very well done and the immediate cosy feel of a French cottage hits you. And if you get a table by the window, the lights along Clarke Quay are in full view.

As a first course, we shared the Mentaiko Spaghetti. It was just a little short of al dente although it should be kept in mind that I like my pastas more firm than the local norm. Tasty enough but not enough mentaiko to go round. Otherwise competent though.

The piece de resistance at Ma Maison are the hamburger patties (or Hambaagu). For effect, we were recommended the hot plate version, which the patty arrives on, followed closely by the waiter with a little pot of sauce, which sizzles up the whole plate and causes quite a ruckus and smells to boot, when he pours it over. Quite a sense of arrival. The sauce is slightly tangy from the lime but together with the grated radish, works to cut through the grease. Pretty good although the beef wasn't "beefy"enough for me. Tasty enough though.

Another novelty: take the key below to the cashier for payment when you are done.

A good enough experience even if not spectacular. Works well to satisfy a craving for the kind of food on offer. May not be worth a queue though.

Ma Maison Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay
Tel: 6327 8122

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