Monday, March 9, 2009

Hong Kong - Cuisine Cuisine

It is my centurion post! Time flies. It has been loads of fun doing this and it has definitely built up on my very own archive of dining spots both in Singapore and Hong Kong, where I spend my time almost equally. And where luck or opportunity brings me, I share my exploits from other places like Hanoi, Tokyo, Shanghai. If only I had gotten my dummy camera earlier... I hope you continue to enjoy reading as I do posting and photographing.

And so, my 100th exploit takes me back to one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong. Cuisine Cuisine is the Cantonese twin of its Sichuan/South American sister - Lumiere, both on Level 3 of the IFC mall.
Cuisine Cuisine emphasizes fresh produce, cooked in traditional methods, but with a modern finish. Dishes are rarely heavy but do not detract from the flavours meant to be brought out. So proud they are of their cooking methods that these are listed on the menu beside the dish so the diner understands the process by which the food is delivered to the table.

On this recent visit, of worthy mention are:-

Deep fried pig intestines stuffed with glutinous rice. Diehards will love these and there is no foul smell. This refined version takes out most of the insides and just leaves the lining to hold the rice as a sausage might. Great appetiser!

Cod fish topped with crab meat and asparagus made for a superb combination of crispy and creamy goodness. Well executed and not heavy.

Tender Angus beef cheek braised in a peppercorn sauce. Soft beefy goodness contrasted with the subtle spice from the peppercorns made for a beef dish worthy of even a good steakhouse.

Flat egg noodles tossed with shrimp roe and shark's fin skirting was excellent. While the noodles could have been more al dente, the sauce was perfect in bringing out hints of the dried seafood while not coming across as too musky.

Those familiar with the Hong Kong snack scene will know what a "por lor bau" or "pineapple bun" is and Cuisine's mini rendition stuffed with a chestnut paste was not cloying and made for a good dessert. The steamed honey cake (not photographed) was also a winner.

A wonderful meal to mark my 100th post!

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