Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Singapore - Momoya Restaurant

Without having interviewed the owners, one has to believe that the rationale for the concept is the doom and gloom surrounding the economic climate. But if you gotta eat, you gotta eat. All-you-can-eat fun Japanese food is a pretty darn good idea, especially if things are only prepared upon order. The restaurant was 80% full on a weeknight so I guess they agree with me!

Momoya is new and while there were a few hitches with service, the waiter was astute and spotted my little camera by my side and decided to play the sympathy card. Good on him since he played it well - that he was tired but still happy to be serving and apologised if he was not as attentive as he should be! Score!

For the price one pays, it would be unfair to expect top notch ingredients but if you stick to the well-executed items, a happy meal can be had.

Some of the winners I tried and liked:

Belly pork braised in soya sauce

Hamachi sashimi (not the premium grade but fresh)

Yakiniku beef was tasty (but you must like fatty streaky beef).

Mentaiko pasta (very good - I had 2 portions)

Beef curry rice - ends meal on a hearty note.

A place worth popping into if you are in the neighbourhood and just want some Japanese comfort food.

16, Jalan Pari Burong
Picardy Garden
(Off Upper East Coast Road, near the Singapore Expo)
+65 6245 3303


  1. can i know how much does the buffet cost for momoya restaurant?

  2. Hi Anonymous
    unfortunately I don't remember but think it was below $40 when I was there. Hope the standards are still decent. Do visit and let us know!

  3. Its $26 and $30 for lunch , dinner respectively if i rembered correctly. Worth giving it a try! Love the grilled fish there.