Monday, March 30, 2009

Hong Kong - Sushi Sumi

Having lived in the Happy Valley area for more than 7 years now, Sushi Sumi is one of 2 staples in the neighbourhood for Japanese cuisine (the other being Bojyo on King Kwong Street). While Sumi by no means the best Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, they do some pretty decent favourites which I always order when I'm there.

The minced toro rice bowl is one of the best value and tasty ones around. With a generous amount of toro, and freshly cut condiments such as srping onions, daikon, carrots, perilla, and sweet preserved radish, it makes for a hearty meal in itself, especially since it is served alongside a smooth chawanmushi, and hot miso soup.

My other favourite is the Yakitori Tsukune (grilled minced chicken). The mix of various cuts of chicken including cartillage gives it a nice bite (almost crunch). Served with a sweetened sauce, it is a delight to savour with cold sake or Japanese fruit soda.
Sumi also serves up seasonal favourites and their sashimi/sushi is of pretty decent quality although these don't come cheap. Depending on season, you may get a good deal or come away feeling a little burnt. If unsure, best to ask.

On this occasion, they were having a Japanese Wagyu promotion, and despite good intentions to not have any more red meat nor deep fried stuff for the rest of the week, we succumbed to the Wagyu croquette. It is a main course portion and so there's plenty for 2 people if you have other food. Sinful but good smooth beefy goodness with a little mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood, and want some Japanese, Sumi is not a bad choice to be had.

Sushi Sumi
G/F Elegance Court
2-4 Tsoi Street
Happy Valley
Hong Kong
Tel +853-2803 5558

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