Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tokyo - Mimiu

When traveling with matured folks who aren't used to eating too much Japanese food (especially the raw stuff), shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot) is not a bad meal to have especially when these folks are craving "soup".. Ok, so you don't slurp up the stock you cook in, but on a cold winter's day, it is still a heartwarmer.

We end up at Mimiu in Shibuya's Mark City Mall after yet another day of shopping. When we get there, we were a little apprehensive since the window display suggested that shabu shabu was only just one of the many things they do, aside from the bento sets, tempura meals, etc. Plus, we had to wait to be seated, notwithstanding our reservation! So we start exploring the neighbouring restaurants but since everyone was indecisive, we stuck with our choice.

Fortunately, everyone in the restaurant, despite the other offerings, were having shabu shabu. I heaved a sigh of relief since the limited internet research I did said that Mimiu has been serving up shabu shabu since 1958!
The 5 of us all decided to have BEEF! After all, if you are going to do beef, what better place than Japan, where marbling is an art form! (I might have exaggerated there but not by much). And no chewing is necessary!

Each set also comes with a variety of vegetables and the specialty of the house, udon! Yes, indeed. Mimiu's udonsuki is also laying claim to having started the udon craze in Japan. And it is good! But if I had to choose, I prefer the udon texture at Mentsudan, which has perhaps a 0.5 degree more bite! Pedantic you might think, but this is Japanese precision at its finest!

The starters of yuba (bean curd top sheet) and sashimi were also very good, and of course, to end, the in-season persimmons from Niigata and Kyoho grapes were fabulously sweet and juicy.

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