Friday, November 7, 2008

Singapore - White Rabbit

With all the rave reviews of the White Rabbit, I have to say I was disappointed when I showed up for lunch, as were my 3 other girlfriends who joined me. Beautifully set in an old church with high ceilings and stained glass windows at Harding Road (the Dempsey area), with a very well-written menu to boot, there was unfortunately something missing from the food. While the food wasn't bad, it was definitely NOT wow! by any stretch of the imagination.

The Mac and Cheese which sounded like old world goodness called out to me - carbo queen! But it was not served as it should have been - in a hot casserole. Instead, it arrived on a white plate with gravy and greens.. also, it was too tall and there wasn't enough gratinated cheese to go round! And because it wasn't served hot, the cheese was a little cool and chewy.

Thinking we would make it up with desserts, we ordered an assortment:

Blackforest cake - totally deconstructed that it tasted nothing like the grand old dame I used to know. NOT ENOUGH SPONGE!!

The Baked Alaska and Banana Split were decent enough and managed to win the dessert quest despite their ordinary looks and tastes.

Unless someone tells me the chef at dinner is different, I am hardly likely to venture there again unless I just wanted to sit in a pretty place and have a cuppa.

39C Harding Road
6473 9965

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  1. Hi,
    Had dinner there last night, the place was packed! Happy to report that the restaurant-in-a-church had a lovely ambiance at night, and the food did not disappoint either - especially if you love truffles!