Friday, November 7, 2008

Singapore - GOTO


Nothing short of that adequately describes my experience at Goto, on Ann Siang Hill. Helmed by the chef who used to cook for the Japanese ambassador, I certainly felt privileged to have had the opportunity to taste his culinary creations. And his pretty wife, who hosts us honoured diners, introduces each course with pride and love in her eyes.

There is almost no need to describe the quality of each course; the sheer Kaiseki menu is description enough of the extraordinary experience, which I have to say has only been equalled by my travels in Japan.


1. The assorted starter tray was hint enough of the things to come (clockwise from top left) - soft silken tofu from Japan with some yuba (the prized top sheet mixed into it); autumn vegetables topped with mushroom; broiled Maitake mushroom and Ika tossed wtih mentaiko; a yam puff; and Kyoto tofu infused with some chilli. All seasonal and fresh.
2. Clear soup with generous pieces of crab and a sweet river fish - such an infusion of the tastes of the waters they were fished from.

3. Our sashimi platter has got to be one of the best we've had (clockwise from the top) - otoro, tai; amaebi; bonito and a succulent scallop right in the middle.
4. A tempura moriawase of fresh prawn, white fish and sweet capsicum.

5. A lightly grilled sweet river fish accompanied by the finest grilled ginko nuts, and a sweet chestnut tempura (right in season now).
6. steamed mashed yam topped with uni.
7. steamed glutinous rice with sweet chestnuts and topped with salmon roe
8. first dessert was a trio of steamed custard with stewed apple, musk melon, persimmons from Niigata, and positively one of the best green tea ice creams I've ever had where the focus is on the quality of the tea and not the cream.
9. second dessert was a steamed rice cake topped with red bean, served in a black sugar syrup.

All too soon, the meal ended but not without a freshly made bowl of Matcha. A pity we did nto know, or else it would have been great to watch our perfect host in action. Such perfect endings to a meal which was decadent yet healthy.
We will certainly be back to try the more expensive menu - which I believe would be even more out of this world (outside of Japan that is)!

#01-01 14 Ann Siang Road
6438 1553


  1. Wow I have just only found your blog! It's marvellous! You clearly have eaten well! :)

  2. Hi Camemberu
    thanks for visiting! Hope to see you here a lot more. Saw your blog, you've got nice pics on yours too. Happy Eating!