Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Confections of the Heart

Japanese love their pastries and even western style cakes are very much a part of the Japanese culture and have been since the late 70s. They love to make them, eat them, give them and receive them. Aside from being delicious, they are therefore packed into the prettiest boxes and wrappers.

From Gramercy New York Bakery where the strawberry shortcake is as good as where it originated from...

... to Nenrinya in Ginza where the only things on offer are their famous baumkuchens. Literally "tree cake" an originating from Germany, these cakes are painstakingly made layer by layer, traditionally roasting on a spit. The eggy fluffiness combined with icing is excellent with a siphon-brewed Blue Mountain. No wonder the queues outside its store are never-ending.

The use of seasonal offerings like chestnuts in November, in Konigs-Krone's green tea or chocolate cake is also heavenly. And if you cannot choose, they offer a half and half where you can get both flavours in one cake. And to top it off, no need to struggle with cutting. A whole cake comes ready cut in 8 glorious pieces.
So the next time you are in Japan, don't miss out on these heavenly creations!

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