Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seasonal offerings..

It is that time of year when my favourite monk fish liver is in season.. and the better it is the oranger it is! Creamy goodness - no wonder it is the foie gras of Japanese cuisine.

But you ain't tasted creamy till you've had shirako - or translated male fish sperm sacs... I had the pleasure of savouring some from a cod fish.. (more expensive versions are from snapper or blowfish)
Ok, so it doesn't sound too pleasant nor look too hot as someone's brains, but get past that and you have a delightful texture and depending on the way it is served, adopts the taste of the accompanying sauce. Served with ponzu, chillied radish and soya sauce, it is a refreshing appetiser...

Served as tempura, it is akin to eating deep fried milk! I prefer the latter because the Shirako is even creamier from the heat.

Ah... the beauties of autumn.. all courtesy of Hana Sakazuki in Hong Kong (see my posts in April and August). Can you tell it is one of my favourite restaurants in HK!

2/F Ming An Plaza Phrase II8 Sunning RoadCauseway Bay, Hong Kong
(852) 2577-9799

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