Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hong Kong - Isola

I keep forgetting to blog about Isola - the Italian bar and restaurant at IFC mall, down in Central Hong Kong. One of the biggest reasons is the rush I typically have to get through since it is a great pre-movie pit-stop. And yes, the Palace IFC is my favourite cinema in Hong Kong, clean and has the best pop corn around. Ok, I digress..
Isola has simple Italian classics where you can just appreciate each dish for the good quality basic ingredients, and is never over-sauced. My favourites are as follows:
1. the thin-crust Parma ham and Arugula pizza
2. the sea urchin and clam linguini
3. the hand twisted pasta with seafood in a tomato based sauce
So if you need a yummy meal before a movie, give Isola a shot! Mamma mia!!

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