Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hong Kong - The Taiyaki

The new favourite snack in town - the Tai Yaki or literally "grilled snapper". But other than a shape, there is no fish involved. The Tai Yaki is the traditional Japanese pastry shaped like a fish and filled with mashed red bean filling. This snack has been revamped to include more up to date fillings like cream cheese, green tea paste, chocolate, etc.

The Tai Yaki, a new hole-in-the-wall outlet on Russell Street at Times Square in Causeway Bay goes one further. With a new pastry which is now crispy rather than the traditional doughey texture, it has "gourmand fillings" on offer - 4 to be exact.

I tried 2 out of 4 and was happy with both.

The Italian had a tomato based sauce with sausage, onions and corn, was like eating a calzone pizza, but much crispier. While the sauce was not spectacular, it was a nice combination of textures and flavours.

I liked the only sweet option the best - the French. With liquid custard, and dusted with Cinnammon, it was ecstasy! Especially on a cool evening, the hot custard spilling into the mouth is just warming to the soul. Just don't scald yourself!

I will try the Keema and German next time and promise pictures beyond the sign. Enjoy!

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