Monday, June 16, 2008

Singapore - Imperial Treasure Great World City

Saturday night... bad idea to head to Great World City in Singapore. It's been such a while I forgot how parking can be a nightmare.

Rushing for Kung-Fu Panda, the much hyped animated action movie, I was determined not to be late but still have my decent dinner and eat it too. With just an hour, I was worried that we would not make it given that we were going to sit down to a Chinese dinner at Imperial Treasure. Thankfully, with the family cuisine available on the menu, the kitchen could whip something which met our palates for a timely pre-movie dinner.

For 2 people, we had the daily boiled soup of gourd and lean pork.. it did taste better than it sounds of course although a little thin as compared with home.. probably because the kitchen was running low. We then had sea perch stir fried with preserved olive, kow kei vegetable in superior stock, and the very homestyle claypot tofu with chicken and salted fish, all perfect for wolfing down my entire bowl of white rice! All the dishes were competently done, even though the fish was a tad oily. But given its natural oiliness, perhaps the chef could have been less heavy handed.

All in all, a comfort meal, with 10 minutes to spare for my Cherry's Garcia at Ben & Jerry's before heading into the cinema for action-packed animation.

A highly recommended evening for anyone looking for simple pleasures!

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