Saturday, October 2, 2010

Singapore - U.d.d.e.r.s. Ice Cream

The rage of Singapore's ice cream scene has moved into the Siglap neighborhood and so made it easy for me to grab a pint over a short visit.  Ice cream artisans as they call themselves have developed a range of ice creams which more than 6000 people have "liked" on Facebook and probably counting.  Mom raved about the Durian ones she tried.

There are 2 - the classic range's D24 but since I had a limited window, I went with the Connoisseur's range of Mao Shan Wang (猫山王) or King of Cat Mountain Durian.  The Mao Shan Wang is a stronger durian fragrance and taste over the D24.  The latter, when made into ice cream, tended to be sweeter but a little flatter, probably made so by the milk.  On its own, the D24 is good, but when the server gave me a lick of the Mao Shan Wang, the choice was obvious.

The King of Cat was way slicker and hit the palate like a swift leopard would.  Obviously durian but with a lingering fragrance and taste that I would hazard to say even neutral durian eaters would enjoy.  But if you're a beginner, go with the D24 first.

Either way, these are great if you can't get access to the real thing since it's probably going to be as close as you can get.

87 Upper East Coast Road
Tel: +65-64488732

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