Saturday, October 23, 2010

Singapore - Ice Cream Chefs

So, on a recent trip back home, I went to yet another ice cream shop since Udders at Siglap had a queue.  Ice Cream Chefs was crowded although a little more manageable.  The 2 teen girls in front of us were milking the counter literally, trying every flavor, and trying the helpful staff person helping them.  So we decided to forgo the in-house experience which includes the "fry-up" and buy a pint home.

The "fry-up" as I coin it, is actually what the Ice Cream Chefs call a mix in.  So all you do is select your ice cream flavor(s), select your choice of toppings, then the "chef" smashes them into one big mashed up glob on the Chef's Rock.  A twist to just having your toppings sprinkled over, huh.

Our pint of Durian Decadence was pretty decent.  It is creamier to what I generally prefer which is a milkier finish but I know there are fans of the creamy version out there.  The emphasis is more on the ice cream here and so I felt it was about converting the durian fruit into a palatable ice cream flavor.  By comparison, Udders' Mao Shan Wang was more about the fruit and it was using the ice cream medium to bring out the fruit so the emphasis felt a little different.

From a price point perspective, perhaps a fairer comparison would be against Udders' D24, which is the cheaper pint and closer in price to Durian Decadence.  Between the 2, perhaps more would take to the Decadence simply because it feels richer from the creamy finish.  The D24 is fairly light and for those who like their durian and cannot get any but are slightly more lactose intolerant, then that's your choice fix.

In short, to each his/her own.  But I would go back and try ICC's other interesting flavors like Kaya Lotee and Milo Peng for that local twist.

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