Sunday, October 17, 2010

Singapore - Gourmet Plus

Sometimes, all you want after a brutal long week of traveling is to eat somewhere comfortably casual, in the neighbourhood, and a big bonus, broadcasting a Federer match live!  The latter was a huge bonus, but this is definitely a casual neighbourhood joint with a very decent menu to speak of so you shouldn't tire of coming here if bistro fare is your thing.  Service was crisp, knowledgeable and un-intrusive.  My only complaint was that it was little too dark to be romantic since I do like to check out what I'm eating..  but to each her own.  Because of the dim lighting, photo quality suffered (small price to pay).  

We started with fresh oysters, served with lemon wedges and a bottle of Tabasco on the side.  Fresh they were, and although not introduced to us, likely to be of French import, given the salinity, minerality yet sweet finish.  Very enjoyable especially with the condiments.

Of course, since Feds was playing, ordering the Raclette in his honour was a given.  And we were pleased with it.  Although I couldn't be sure that it was true Raclette cheese (it had the texture but wasn't pungent enough for me), the offering was authentic with air dried beef, baby spuds, gherkins and pickled pearl onions.  Yummy if you order a bubbly or crisp white to go with.  

Presentation of the Caesar Salad was impressive.  With the 4 towering leaves of Romaine encasing chopped up lettuce, with shaved Parmeggiano, Baco bits, croutons and a hard boiled egg.   Traditional enough although we've been spoilt so I would have preferred a 63 degree egg.  Although lettuce was crisp and fresh, the same could not be said of the Baco bits, which were just a tad "off".  While not quite yet rancid, but it was almost there, and the croutons might have followed suit.  Dressing was a little garlicky and I would have preferred the presence of a little more anchovies over the garlic.  

Our main of the special squid ink pasta with seafood was definitely straight from the sea. We ordered capellini which absolutely soaked up the excellent seafood and very lightly tomato base sauce, while co-mingling with the squid ink to lend a d rustic sea smell and taste to the whole dish.  Very enjoyable, even if it could have been salted a little more.  

To end, we were strongly recommended to take the last portion of the night of the dessert du jour.  We did not regret it as the French pear was well poached in the red wine it was soaked in, and given a creamy finish with high quality vanilla ice cream and given textural finish by the almonds (which I didn't care for as much since they weren't roasted enough to release any almond fragrance).  But the pear, wine and ice cream were an excellent combination, which even if you had a full dinner, you would still manage to finish comfortably and happily since it was so good and light.  

Overall, an enjoyable place to dine at if you want fuss free, dress down, bistro fare in an old residential neighbourhood.  Added bonus, Federer won in straights, avenging his last loss to the Djoker.  

117 Frankel Avenue
Tel: +65- 6441 1120

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