Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hong Kong - Sushi Sawa

It is a small little joint on a quieter side of Causeway Bay, and we entered with some apprehension and while service was a little spotty, the manager seemed like she knew what she was talking about, so we went with her suggestions.

To start, we had the thinly sliced Skipjack, which came swimming in a refreshingly sweet Ponzu dressing.  The fish went well with the sweet dressing and was an excellent way to curb hunger pangs.  Happy beginnings..

Our sashimi selection was also pretty decent with a snapper and white fish, followed by oilier yellow tail and salmon.  Portions were fairly generous and the fish, fresh.  For the price, you don't expect the best cuts, but you do get fairly decent value.

Similarly, the uni sushi was generous in the amount of uni.  However, unlike the better Japanese restaurants, the seaweed was already chewy by the time I bit into mine, a couple of minutes after it arrived.  I deducted points there since I had to give up biting through and mash everything together on my plate before ingesting.  Sigh..

The minced Hamachi with scallion and sesame was a variation of the usual Toro version but while decent, there was no excitement and I wasn't blown away by this.  The fish was also not tasty enough and was surprisingly bland and flat in taste even despite the condiments.  

The salt-grilled Hamachi jaw was surprisingly good.  Very generous chopped into 6 large sushi pieces, the fish was fall-off-the-bone fresh and well-grilled to detract from an otherwise fishy area of the fish.  Well executed and went well with the drizzle of lemon and grated radish.  

To finish, our Inaniwa udon in a pork bone broth was comforting.  Unusually light but still tasty, the combination of noodles and cabbage and mushrooms, made for a satisfying way to end the meal and ensured we left warm on an evening hit by rain from Typhoon Conson's path of destruction.  

Overall, an "ok" enough place to eat if you happen to be in the area but definitely nothing to write home about.  Also, I think the cooked food was significantly more impressive than the raw, so a second visit should see me getting a larger variety of the cooked stuff to sample.  

G/F., 64 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-3188 9166

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