Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Heart Chestnuts

There is something about chestnuts I like.  The subtle sweetness, the almost creamy but not heavy texture and the myriad of combinations this fruit or nut goes with.  Or not!  On its own, it is as heavenly and calls to mind the late-in-the-year holiday spirit.  Nothing like standing near a street vendor roasting chestnuts in the middle of winter.  Hard work for him but such warmth for those passing by.

In the heat of summer, and boy, are we having one heck of a summer, confectionary is probably best.  And by chance, Sogo was carrying this great import from Japan centered around the chestnut, obviously.

And so, I take it home, all pretty and lovely.  And then excitedly take away the ribbon and wrapper...

Well, more work to do..  still pretty though.. really can't beat the Japanese when it comes to packaging.  So much for Green, carbon footprint, and all of those good things.

And then viola!  The prized inside of soft sponge, with Yuzu-infused mashed Azuki read beans, and generous strewn, neatly of course, along the centre of the cake, whole candied steamed chestnuts, so you don't have to hunt for the few.  They are there for the taking and satisfactorily too.

Definitely one of the better ones I've had.  And I've had it for breakfast and desserts.  Really works with the cuppa tea or coffee.

And no wonder, this one's been in existence for 350 years and have won a variety of prizes, gold no less.   Not a regular feature here, so enjoy while you can.  Literally, while stocks last.

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