Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hong Kong - Burgeroom

Burger joints have sprouted up in Hong Kong faster than I can finish a burger.  The obsession with best beef patty, best bun, most innovative burger combi have taken the territory by storm.  Burgeroom's differentiation is burgers and coffee.  They use Illy beans so it's of a better quality than your average coffee stop but it's not spectacular.

So on a hot summer's day, after a workout, the first thing was to make a beeline for the fridge and pick out a cold Bundaberg Ginger Beer, one of my favorite ginger beers in the market.

Since it was our first time, we decided to order 2 burgers and split them so we could try at least 2 offerings.

The first we chose was the Portobello Cheese Burger.  Be warned: the burgers are piled high and no normal person can fit it all between jaws in one sitting.  So be prepared for a completely messy affair.  I hate eating with my hands and regretted not going for the fork and knife option which I saw another woman do.  Oh well..  at least they have a decent albeit small washroom to get presentable again.

The burger was thick and juicy, and generally enjoyable.  It tasted a little more marinated than usual and I thought a little on the salty side to take away from the pure beefy goodness of the patty.  The saltiness could also have been from the cheese - thought they could have used something better than the usual fast-food slices, since the theme seemed to be to be "gourmet burgers".  The winner was the giant portobello which was as thick and juicy, and which balanced the flavors from the patty well.  A very delish combination.

Our other choice was the Ling Fish Egg Burger, which tasted like a breakfast dish on account of the egg.  Generally tasty again on account of the egg and tartar sauce.  Fish was decent although this was not a WOW! by any means.  Still enjoyable though, especially if hungry.

For a burger joint, we were probably most disappointed with the fries.  Perhaps our choice of the Melted Cheese Fries were flawed.  The fries were ok, but the cheese sauce was not melted from real cheese but from the stuff squished out of a bottle.  Overly salty, without hints of real cheese and overall, made the fries extremely sticky, salty and worst of all, flacid too quickly.

Overall, a decent enough experience if you're in the neighborhood but nothing to write home about.  And certainly not worth the wait, as I've heard people have had to endure close to a half hour waits at peak hours since it's a really tiny place but tea time on a relaxing Sunday was pretty doable for me.  I think they had tea sets where you can get mini burgers too.

G/F, 7 Caroline Hill Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong 
Tel: +852-2890 9130

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