Sunday, January 3, 2010

Singapore - quick jaunt in the East Coast

I am not the sort to miss local food in Singapore, but I do like doing the rituals I used to enjoy when I was growing up and living in Singapore.  Jaunts around the East Coast are common since that's where the family lives.  And so, I thought I'd bring my camera along today to show my non-Singapore friends what I eat around here.

The Peranakan laksa which many come from far and wide to try.  The stall I ate from today is Marine Parade Laksa, ironically lesser known than those along the main drag of East Coast Road, although this is supposed to be the pioneer who started it all.  At least the brand is!  Who knows - there are a lot of copycats in Singapore.  This version is the original coconut milk and lots of dried shrimps recipe, and does not use evaporated milk.

The typical accompaniment to laksa is the nasi lemak (loosely translated to rich rice, and is really rice cooked in coconut milk - a Malay-origins dish) served with deep fried anchovies and a local fish (typically eaten by cats - I kid you not) and of course, the sambal chilli sauce - sweetish but with a touch of heat.  The large piece of orange "cake" resting on the rice is otak (Malay for brain - I hear they use to use fish brains - do they have any?? or was it the texture??) but in more recent history, made of minced fish and more coconut milk, and grilled in a banana leaf over a charcoal fire.


After all that spice, take a walk to Chin Mee Chin to savour the nation's best Kaya on a soft and chewy bun (as opposed to the wafer thin type toast which I abhor), washed down with Teh-C (tea made with evaporated as opposed to condensed milk - the former more akin to Hong Kong style milk tea).  Still set in the same premises and decor of decades ago, time stands still in this place.  

Marine Parade Laksa
50 East Coast Road
Level 1 Roxy Square One


Chin Mee Chin Confectionary
204 East Coast Road

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