Friday, January 1, 2010


And of course happy birthday to cousin M and Aunty M too!  Always nice to have a holiday on your birthday and a guhzillion people in a party mood celebrating with you!

For a blast from the past, I decided to buy the green (and mind you, it is a hideous green especially if you are not from these parts) cake from Bengawan Solo for Aunty M's birthday party.

Yes, the Pandan Kaya cake - fragrant pandanus leaves infused gelatinous cake with soft sponge in between.

My HK pals love the pandan chiffon and I never understood why Bengawan doesn't just open shop in HK.  Instead, the folks behind BreadTalk/Toast Box have beaten them to it, but alas, it is not quite the same standard...  so the Bengawan at Changi airport does a most brisk business just catering to them.  Simply amazing!

Here's to a fabulous 2010, Aunty M and I hope you had an enjoyable party!

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