Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hong Kong - BLT Burger

No, not bacon lettuce and tomato, although that is on offer.  BLT is Bistro Laurent Tourendel, named for the acclaimed chef and this is his interpretation of a classic American burger joint.  The menu is a fun combination of burgers, milkshakes (spiked and non), salads, and for the non-beef eater, they have chicken, salmon and even a veggie falafel on offer.  Big plus?  A&W root beers!  Bet you haven't had those in a while..

I am boring - I only do burgers at burger joints.  On my first visit, I had the classic, which was certainly promising enough for me to come again.  The burgers are made from a variety of cuts from the cow to deliver a juicy, beefy, yet relatively easy for the lazy to chew on.

Today, I had the Tex Mex.  It is a messy burger to hold in your hands - so stick to the cutlery on offer.  Slathered with chili, jalapenos and melted Montery Jack, it was like having 2 meals.  For those who don't like spice, this is not for you.  But otherwise, it is a fun burger to eat.  The spice and little bit of heat adds to the appetite and so I realise I was fooled, but only after I finished everything.  Oh well, extra hour on the tennis court tomorrow.

And to top it off, wash down with a strawberry milk shake.  This has got to be one of the better ones around.  Full of fresh strawberries, it tasted slightly like a healthy smoothie, but don't be fooled, this is the real McCoy.

My only disappointment were the fat fries.  They were too fat, so weren't tasty enough since there wasn't enough of a crisp skin to go round.  Maybe try the skinny next time, I am not one for waffle fries either.  But you know there's a next time!  Till I get my next burger craving...

Shop 301, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, 
Harbour City, 
17 Canton Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852-2730 2338

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