Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hong Kong - Awfully Chocolate

After exposure to all the fancy patisseries and this decade's bakeries, Awfully Chocolate takes us back in time to old-fashioned cake as we know it.  And because the ingredients are so simple, you do need the best. 

Hailing from Singapore, Awfully Chocolate is not new to me.  And it was refreshing take to Lana Cakes - for those who still remember growing up with it and enjoying the labours of the aunties at Lana's at every kid's birthday party in the 80s.  But my main gripe with Awfully Chocolate in Singapore is that the ingredients were not necessarily the best.  

Given the run-up to Valentine's, it was hard to refuse the smiles from the sales person at the temporary booth they set up in Harbour City and pick up a heart-shaped one.

I decided to try the chocolate rum and cherry one on this dreadful weather day.  I was pleasantly surprised by the much better ingredients they seem to use in Hong Kong over Singapore - the chocolate was smooth and had none of the aftertaste that I didn't like so much in Singapore.  Cherries were well soaked although the rum was subtle - a little too subtle to have it in the name in my opinion.

Nevertheless, an appropriately sweet dessert to a lazy day.  Next up: the Chocolate Banana one..

And oh... the combination of chocolate and banana wins hands down!  The smooth choco sponge and the fragrant ripened bananas are supremo!  YUMMS!!!

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