Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hong Kong - Ginza Sushi Kyu 銀座鮨久

2 weeks on..  the mourning continues, the casualty toll well above the 10,000 mark.  As recovery efforts continue throughout the affected areas to pick up the pieces from the devastating earthquake and tsunami, as well as containing the damage from the nuclear reactors, we celebrate the resilience and the astounding civility of our Japanese brethren.  And there is no better celebration than through its cuisine, for the 3rd consecutive week on this blog.  

This week, we head to Ginza Sushi Kyu, situated in a non-descript building next to the ever bustling Bowrington Road Market.  Since it was a first visit, we settled for a prix fixe menu with a little of everything, including a platter of the much talked about sushi.

Crab meat and vinegared seaweed appetiser
To kick us off, a chilled crab meat and vinegared seaweed appetiser.  Appetising but nothing to write home about.  At least they used crab meat, I thought..

Plum Wine
The refreshing tartness of our appetiser got us in the mood for a little alcohol and our server's recommendation of this plum wine wasn't bad at all.  Smooth and easy down the throat, with a signature plum fragrance and taste that was almost fresh off the branch.

Assorted Sushi Platter
And so, with appetites suitably whet, we set ourselves up for the piece de resistance.  First of all, they use a very good quality grain, that was well marinated and tasty without taking away from the fish.  The variety was well selected, from white fish to oilier ones and shell fish.  When it comes to fish, few beat the freshness and cuts that I get from Hana Sakazuki, but these were pretty decent.  I did however, find the leaner cuts of white fish a little too chewy for my liking.  You should generally chew enough to savour a bouncier texture or unique tasting quality but to chew till I was a little fatigued was pushing it.  I would also have liked a better piece of Uni - this was fresh and creamy - but with no disrespect meant to the Canadians, this was probably Canadian.

Maki with sweet Japanese pickle
This maki allowed us to enjoy the quality of rice, but we had to pace ourselves since there was more food coming..

Teppanyaki Wagyu Beef
As far as cooked food goes, this was a clean winner.  The cut was melt-in-your-mouth good at some parts with just enough meat at others to give us an opportunity to bite, chew and savour.  The garnish of fried garlic and spring onions weren't done as fragrantly as the one from Hana Sakazuki but the good news is, you won't be distracted since it is all about the beef.  I would hope that they are as consistent with the next person, and not just that I got lucky getting this piece.

Assorted Tempura
Tempura was a competent course, but deserving special mention is the produce they use.  From the very sweet and soft prawn, to the fragrant mushroom, and creamy sweet potato slice.  The execution wasn't spectacular since the batter was uneven and thick at some parts, but we were happy just savouring what was under the blankets of batter.

Inaniwa Udon
A very decent bowl of udon which I couldn't have much of since my tummy was getting a little too uncomfortably inflated from the preceding courses.  But I did have enough to at least say that I felt bad leaving most of it.  However, I thought there might have been a tad too much seaweed, you reckon?

Matcha Ice Cream
Not that I really needed dessert but it was there for the taking.  Way too milky for my liking, with inadequate Matcha coming through.  The red bean option might have fared better perhaps.

Overall, the quality of the produce was impressive, especially given the circumstances.  We were told supplies originate largely from Kyushu in the south.  Execution might have gotten between a 6 to 7 outta 10, but this place would deserve a repeat visit, and this time, a seat at the sushi bar might be appropriate, if anything to watch the native Japanese chefs show off their craft.

2/F, Top View Mansion
10 Canal Road West
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-2302 1889

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