Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Textures God Sent

Why make it when it is naturally available?  These God-sent textures are amazing in themselves, and unlike man-made creations, have natural umami. 

Crystal noodles?  Think again, these are baby sea eels.  They feel just like crystal noodles but better since there is a burst of liquid as you bite into them lightly.  And since they taste like the sea, the combination with soy and ponzu is a refreshing one.

Tofu spirals?  Nope.  This is Shirako or cod sperm sac.  Smooth and creamy like good tofu, and with a livery finish, this is good raw, lightly grilled or tempura-ed. 

Rice noodle salad?  Nope.  Slivers of par-boiled (15 second job) cuttlefish served chilled with spring onion garnish.  Looks like rice noodles but tastes exactly like cuttlefish.  You just can't tell by looking.

Well, this is just all creamy.  A combination of creamy goodness from the head of a fresh Botan shrimp, with a dash of Uni (sea urchin).  No seasoning required, could this be THE 5th taste?  If so, I only need this from now on.  

All creations courtesy of Hana Sakazuki.

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No. 8 Sunning Road
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