Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hong Kong - Sushi Toku

Continuing on my quest for new alternative lunch spots in the TST area to amuse myself with, here's another to add to the list.  Thanks J for playing along, hope you found it worthwhile!

The concept at Sushi Toku is not unlike my usual hangout Sushi Hiro, although the Toku staff are a lot more professional and friendly, leaving us alone at lunch hour to jabber away and not reading the menus placed before us for a while.  When we finally got down to business, both of us eyed the set of Minced Toro belly on rice with a side of udon.   

Minced Toro Belly on Rice with Udon
The Toro was well minced to not become too greasy, and given a fresh dimension from generous garnish of spring onions and sprinkles of toasted sesame.  My only complaint was the pickled ginger which was a little too old and therefore had too much heat.  The winner was the rice.  From my sole visit here, I thought they used a much better grain than Sushi Hiro, better formed and with a nice bite.  A couple more visits should verify that.

Aside from the main event, there are also sides of a salad and cold tofu with the set.  Salad was fresh with a tangy Wafu dressing.  Tofu was smooth and given taste with a good soy and spring onions.  The udon was not as good after my experience at Mochi Cafe but still competent and provides a bit of warmth after a refreshingly chilled lunch.

While Sushi Hiro offers fruit and choice of coffee/tea, Toku makes you choose.  I'm not fussed since i usually pass on the orange or watermelon wedges anyway.  It's not like lunch sets provide the premium fruits like Momo peaches or Musk melons.  So Sumiyaki coffee is a much better choice.  Coffee here is decent, and pressed through a machine, in contrast to the filter coffee at Sushi Hiro.

Overall, a decent alternative in the area.  Could be worthwhile going for dinner if it passes muster again a second time.  If you go, don't be tricked by the arrows pointing you up the stairs unless you fancy a workout.  The lifts next door do as well to take you up there without breaking sweat.

Shop B, 2/F, Cameron Plaza
23-25A Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852-2301 3555

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