Sunday, September 20, 2009

Singapore - Tung Lok Classics

It's been crazy busy with the the Public Affairs Institute and Roundtable all week and trying to catch up on work in the evenings.. what a life. And obviously, nothing food blog worthy all week. Just as well, since I haven't kept up. So this post is a little late, since I ate there 2 weeks ago, but still recent enough to recall the experience.

By Tung Lok standards, it was pretty decent. Not spectacular but worth a visit. Its clean take on Chinese classics and customised for local palates without taking away too much of the real thing, is commendable.

Some hits:

My favourite Shanghainese soup - Yan Du Xian - with twisted bean curd sheets, bamboo and flavoured with Yunnan ham and salted pork belly pieces, makes for a heartwarming way to start the meal, especially as the weather cools. Ok, Singapore doesn't really get cool, so maybe with a lot of rain, and a full blast of air-conditioning will get you there.

The steamed soon hock with chillies (朵椒) - a favourite from Chairman Mao's hometown of Hunan was very good. The fish was steamed just right - and the flesh was still juicy and fall off the bone fresh and the chillies added a freshness to the dish, since it wasn't too spicy at all.

The seafood fried rice in lotus leaf, gratin-ed on the top with melted cheese was very well done. Fluffy and tasty, with generous bits of shrimp, scallops and other seafood bits. The bacon adds a dimension and brought out the flavours of the different ingredients. Simple but well executed.

The biggest miss was the Eight treasures served in sesame pockets. The pockets, which are usually baked, was a tad oily so I think they might have been deep fried. The eight treasures were a little heavy handed - as they are usually, but did nothing for me. Won't order it again..

A pleasant experience and worth a second visit. With Tung Lok restaurants, best to hit it after 12 months and see if the good chefs are still around. Seems to be a problem with their other outlets but I'm hoping it's different this time.

Chinese Swimming Club
21 Amber Road, #03-00
Singapore 439870
Tel: +65 6345 0111

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