Sunday, September 6, 2009

Singapore - Rocks Urban Grill & Bar

The views are great, once you find it.  Or, the views will be great, when you find it, when the Marina area construction is completed.  We had trouble finding it, we overheard fellow diners attempting to give directions to their friends who were late or to taxi drivers.  Well folks, it is new but it has potential. 

The food was decent for a bistro but there wasn't a wow item - the sourdough bread from other FLOGs seems to be pretty popular though.  And why not.  Served warm on a wooden bread board, it is chewy yet soft. 

The Caesar salad was fairly good although the dressing was disappointingly garlicky without much else.  Could have used a couple more egg yolks and anchovies.  But produce was fresh, not just the crisp leaves but cheese too.

Oysters were fresh and succulent but way too briney for me, and the added salt did not help.  The vinegar dressing and lemons did not do enough to neutralise the salt content. 

Our main of the cheeseburger was tasty enough although the beef was packed a little too tightly for my liking.  But it was very decent beef though. 

Only snag - fries are a separate order so don't forget them if you like your fries - tasty enough and served in a air-tight jar for aesthetics.

Overall, a nice corner of the CBD to dine in, and I can imagine a bustling place for lunch given its location.  The food is decent, but the views will be better.
2 Marina Boulevard
The Sail #02–01/02
Tel: +65-64384404

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