Thursday, September 10, 2009

Singapore - Quan Fa Organic Farm

I'm not a huge fan of organic, although if I can get access to it, I would not mind paying for it.  There are too many reports out there about what's good for your body and while some would even take on a raw diet, I like food too much to give up the cooked part of it!  But a farm visit could be enlightening and besides, you don't have to go RAW to eat vegetables.  So off I went to Quan Fa over the weekend. 

Of course when you get there, it is ironic (and a tad sad) that you do see the huge chicken coops owned by Chew's and flocks of them sitting inside, doing their thing, laying eggs, chatting... and waiting for the inevitable.

Max the heir apparent at Quan Fa does the tours and can be entertaining - ask him about the fireball he witnessed as a teenager - since the farm is situated not far from the many cemeteries in the area.  He says there are about 40 varieties, not of fireballs, but vegetables at his farm.  We looked in awe as he led us through his seeding area - sprouts were very sweet and fragrant...
The uncovered (hardy vegetable) area boasted old cucumbers (great for Chinese soups), eggplant.
The winner of the covered area was the Kai Lan - and the stem particularly.  Extremely crunchy, juicy and sweet, and yes this was raw, fresh off the soil.
And because this is an organic farm, there is no animal waste and of course, no chemcals, in the compost - so less stinky. 
The tour ends with a little sampling of the vegetables in the retail area (open only on weekends and on cash terms only).  All good but the corn is worthy of special mention.  Almost as good as those you eat in fine Japanese restaurants and imported.  Cooking this is a waste so just eat like you would a fruit. 
I'm still not inspired enough to go raw but there are options with smoothies and ingenious salads which you can have to supplement your diet.  After all, EVERYTHING in moderation, right?  And eating healthy never hurt anyone.
Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway
Singapore 709145
+65-6793 7693

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