Monday, March 31, 2008

Hong Kong - H-One

The more upscale restaurant of Harlan G was tucked away on the roof top of the IFC mall, as compared to Harlan’s, which is in the midst of mainstream shopping on Level 2. It was only when I got there that I understood the difference. While Harlan’s had more American and other standard offerings, H-One’s focus is on Italian and Indian! Yes, you heard right, Indian. An odd combination but the menu was written well enough to make both sections sound appealing. And judging from a huge group of trendy and upscale Indians who showed up, I would think their Indian menu is probably authentic and credibly good. With that in mind, we did succumb to one Indian order of Lamb Naan which was richly satisfying as it was served piping hot straight from the tandoor. The only snag was the uneven spread of lamb bits in the naan which made for some bites to be substantially more salty than others. We decided however that the quality of the naan was good enough was us to go back next time and do the curries, which would have overwhelmed our Italian order of Caesar salad, Beef carpaccio and slow roasted lamb chops.

The Caesar salad was surprisingly light and the romaine fresh and sweet. The addition of a richly orange egg, likely to have been laid by a duck rather than a chicken, was a nice contrast to the lightly vinegared anchovies.

The beef carpaccio with rocket, artichokes and aged balsamic was a wonderful combination of contrasting tastes and made for a delightful taste which could rate as the fifth taste ie. YUMS! My partner even said the beef was so wonderful that it reminiscent of good old fashioned beef hor fun.

The slow roasted lamb was so tender that it tasted like it’s been braised for hours but the crispy exterior was evidence of the fact that it had been exactly as described – slow roasted. Served on a bed of mash that was so creamy, it was truly gourmand baby food. No baby would eat anything instant from a microwaved jar again – this babe certainly wouldn’t!

We ended off with a classic dessert of Blackforest truffle – the generous helping of cherries folded into the soft sponge made for a fairytale ending which while not too sweet, was beautiful, more so than its namesake place!

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