Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hong Kong - Hana Sakazuki

One of the rare finds in Causeway Bay which never ceases to disappoint. Although more known for its teppanyaki fare, Hana Sakazuki is accomplished in almost every department. Its sushi is one of the best in town, with traditional and new concept creations, which if nothing else, is by far the freshest and always cut immaculately. Every piece is melt in your mouth goodness. My favourites are the toro (tuna belly), hamachi (yellow tail) and the foie gras sushi topped with balsamic sauce.
Cooked food items like the crispy conger eel bone, the teppanyaki meats and the grilled skewer of ox tongue are always gratifying - always succulent and never overdone. If you prefer something softer, the ox tongue wrapped in cedar with an interesting sauce with a sweet miso base and sprigs of spring onion is an exciting burst of flavour.
If you have room for more (and we always do!) the 3 best alternatives to carbo load are the creamy spagetti with cod roe, the grilled beef on rice bowl, or special order of beef with inaniwa udon soup.
While most Japanese restaurants stick with a limited menu of dessert, Hana Sakazuki offers a very competent warm chocolate cake with liquid centre, which is up there with the best continental restaurants, and is worth the calories to end the meal on a bittersweet note.

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