Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hong Kong - Sang Kee

Easter weekend continues with going back to an old favourite - Sang Kee, in Wanchai. The menu for 2 was already a good representation of the highly sought after salt baked chicken and grass carp congee (which had to be pre-ordered while making reservations).
Of course, gluttony overwhelms us and we were easily sold the blanched Kow Kei vegetable (or boxthorn leaves) - after all, we need our daily iron and fibre - with tender squiddly diddlys (in lieu of the usual pig's liver), and the unusual steamed crab with a plum and garlic sauce. The latter was a heavenly creation of fresh live "meat crab" and a tangy plum sauce which is reminiscent of good sweet and sour pork but less cloying. We were relieved that we decided to order 2 crabs instead of one since it was so good that there would not have been enough to go round.
The chicken was baked till its skin was glowingly crisp but remained succulent on the inside (including the breast meat which can become dry and tough with baking). The grass carp congee was sweet from the generous combination of grass carp and fresh conpoy bits, fragrant from the dried orange peel, and made the more hearty by the presence of home-made pork balls. A refreshing way to load up the carbs in a traditional chinese meal, instead of the usual bowl of steaming white rice.
All too soon, the meal ends with a complimentary order of traditionally steamed white sugar cake, which was moist and fluffy, and brought back good old memories of mommy coming home from the market on a sunday morning with the cake for breakfast.

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