Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore - Bistro du Vin

I don't know how well the Les Amis Group is doing with its mid-range concept restaurants but you have to applaud the effort they've put into trying to bring good old fashioned food at reasonable prices into Singapore.  Bistro du Vin brings classic French brasserie type fare in a setting reminiscent of many a Parisian eateries.  Only snag is in the heat and humidity, just the thought of al fresco makes me sweat already.  And indoors is the closest you'll get to Paris, with booths and sidewalk chairs, in a dark mahogany and maroon wall setting.  Nicely done.

Lunch is great value and offers up quite a large variety from the regular menu.  In addition there are specials too, making it quite easy to find something everyone likes.  And at S$30 for 3 courses, it's quite a steal.

Salt cod brandade on toast, soft boiled egg
I hadn't had salt cod brandade since Girona last fall so this was a nice way to recall one of the better vacation destinations (especially cuisine wise) in my lifetime.  This version had a nice bite of cod to it with every mouthful and wasn't too salty at all. Using the egg to bind it all together, it was a great way to wake up the appetite and a nice twist to the usual eggs benedict.

Duck leg confit, brussels sprouts and mustard sauce
So well baked, the skin was a beautiful golden brown crisp and was the star.  The meat was just a tad dry but you really couldn't complain too much since the dish wasn't greasy at all.  Brussels sprouts were lightly sauteed without too much butter and retained good crunch (the way Cantonese eat their veggies).

Creme Brulee
Dessert was competent.  I prefer my torched top to be thinner and a little more brittle so it doesn't stick to the teeth as much but again, this wasn't bad at all.  A pleasant finish to a gossip girl kinda lunch.  Coffee needs improvement though.

Honest food at honest value.  Worthy of a dinner visit next.

56 Zion Road
Tel: +65-68366313

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