Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hong Kong - Hana Sakazuki 花盃日本料理

It was a good night to be at Hana Sakazuki.  Even with our ferocious appetites, we couldn't exhaust the selection at the sushi counter.  The unique time in nature where seasons change (in this case spring to summer) means nature offers up the produce from both seasons.  As we move into the season of shell fish, we were therefore lucky to get a lot of fish still that was really good.

I won't go as far as to say Hana Sakazuki is my Japanese canteen but it is an awesome place to go to for the best and freshest sashimi, and at decent value.  Just make sure you're lucky enough to get a place at the counter since the chefs are a real friendly and chatty bunch.  They love sharing your drinks with you too. 

Here are highlights from the evening.

Fresh oyster from Hokkaido

Okinawan sea grapes salad

Scallop 2 ways - with crab paste and with sea urchin

"Right mouth" fish


Octopus - suction tentacle and flesh with sweet mustard miso

Chilled but not frozen shrimp - yes there is a difference

I missed the name of this semi-fatty but sweet fish.

Grilled fish roe

Yellow tail amberjack with Yuzu pepper

Deep fried Botan shrimp head

Grilled Botan shrimp

Missed the name of this one - blow torched to lend a smokiness to the fat. Ponzu reliefs the fattiness

Silver cod 
Hokkaido sea urchin


Akamutsu - blow torched

Grilled ox tongue
I've never been disappointed by a meal here.  They are only limited by shipments which they bring in everyday in time for dinner.  There are rarely limitations here.  Perhaps there were limitations in the immediate wake of the tragic tsunami last year, but it's more than recovered then thanks to a fervent regular crowd of customers.  Keep them coming, I say, and keep supporting Japan by eating Japanese.

2/F, Ming An Plaza Phase II
No. 8 Sunning Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-2577 9799


  1. looks absolutely delish ! did you order this à la carte or omakase ?

  2. Hi wl, this was omakase. Highly recommended.