Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hong Kong - Bettys Kitschen

So I finally made it to Alan Yau's latest addition some weeks ago, and did like the fresh twist he's given to the old Harlan's, which used to be in the same spot.  It's a happy place to dine in and service from the time we walked in till we left was professionally friendly and un-intrusive.  Their smiley-ness is a welcome change from the scowls we've almost gotten used to in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately the food for me was a little underwhelming.  Perhaps it was what we ordered but perhaps the menu is just pretty limited and there didn't seem to be enough hints of what was good to order.  While I can't say the food was bad, it was just blah and did not seem to match a decent looking menu and presentation.

Stuffed Crab Shell 
A rather small serving of a stuffed crab shell which tasted of decently fresh crab meat but little else.  The grilled lemon slice with a caramelly finish was a nice touch but did little to bring us to new heights.

Lobster Bisque
Serving the cream, croutons and cheese on the side was a nice touch but again the bisque was a tad thin and you didn't come away thinking that there was much lobster before the bisque.  Too subtle for me.

Duck Fat Fries
These were decent but you had to eat them very quickly.  Left for a while, they became flaccid too quickly.  Tasty though.

Squid and Unpolished Rice
I had never eaten unpolished rice in a Western meal so this was out of the ordinary.  But that was really it.  Squids were nicely cooked and the Chorizo bits were wonderful but the rice didn't really do it for me.  I almost never say this but this had way too much bite.

The dessert with the warm chocolate centre
Dessert was competent even though this one has been done to death.  We only ordered it because it came recommended.  

Our choices may not have done the place justice, and I might pop in again if I'm in the vicinity.  Am not sure that I would specially make it a point to visit.  Would have been nice to add it to my IFC repertoire.  Ah well.. hopefully it makes it there a second time round.

Shop 2075, Podium Level Two
International Finance Centre Mall
8 Finance Street, Central
Tel: +852-2979 2100

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