Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hong Kong - Cafe Deco

For the tourist, The Peak is still a fascinating place to visit.  It is the territory's perfect vantage point for views of the magnificent skyline, possibly unrivaled in the world, on a clear day that is.  For B who hadn't visited HK in a while, it was in his mind, a pretty good way to spend a lazy afternoon.  It wasn't picture perfect since it was pretty muggy when we got there but still good enough to make things out to a reasonable distance.   I still prefer it in the evenings when the lights come on.

We ended up at Cafe Deco for a very late lunch and after ordering 2 summer coolers to quench our walk up, from the car park that is, we got to ordering an Indian-themed meal.  We started with the Spinach Chana Masala - chick peas, mushrooms and spinach leaves cooked in a mild masala sauce.  We couldn't make out the mushrooms and spinach and the sauce had way too much fresh ginger over the top to take away from the masala.  So this was a Hong Kong version of the real thing but still acceptably tasty.

The accompanying Naan Bread, which came with yogurt, was a huge disappointment.  Overly chewy to a point of discomfort, not light and fluffy as it should be, and not at all fragrant from the tandoor, this was only eaten since there wasn't much of a choice to eat the masala with, apart from rice.

The show stealer was the Tandoori Selection - a mixed hotplate of chicken, ostrich fillet, lamb shoulder and Himalayan chicken, well marinated in spices and cooked to perfection in a Tandoor oven, to retain the juices of the various cuts of meat.  We thought it might be a bit much for 2 over a light meal but we had no problems finishing it at all.  The bed of onions, lettuce and other veggies protected the meats from the hot plate also, and while keeping the meats warm, did not burn or cook them further at the table.  Although not authentic as you would get at an Indian restaurant, this is a dish that can command the fans on its own, and precisely why the Cafe Deco group has won fans over.

While I did not leave a fan of the restaurant, it would still make the list of places to dine at on The Peak.  It's full length glass windows with views of the city are distracting enough to take your attention away from the glitches in the food.

If you don't get lucky with your camera because of the weather, you can pick up an artist's rendition along the foot paths downstairs from a street peddler.

Levels 1 & 2, Peak Galleria
118 Peak Road
The Peak
Tel: +852-2849 5111

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