Saturday, August 28, 2010

Singapore - Pave

Thanks to Foodie-Ah, we thought a visit to the newly opened patisserie on East Coast Road - Pave, was worth a visit.  The place is very prettily deco fitted and my camera couldn't do justice to the place.  But Foodie-Ah's shots more than capture the essence of the whole concept.

It was fairly late in the evening, so stocks had obviously depleted through the day.  So that pretty much did the choosing for us. 

Of the 3 cakes we left the shop with, I thought the Matcha was the one that lived up to the whole experience.  A combination which included sweet potato puree, and even purple yam, and soft sponge flavored by green tea which had been cultivated in the shade and therefore not as in-your-face as cheaper teas.  A light yet satisfying piece of art which I think is a sign of greater things to come from this lovely place.

The Black Box - or the chocolate banana dessert didn't go down so well with the panel.  The sprinkles of rock salt over the top were in our opinion, over the top.  Perhaps one sprinkle too many?  The saltiness was a tad overpowering.  The chocolate sponge was deceptive and came in a lot tougher and dryer in reality, which was disappointing.  If it tasted as good as it looked, the yummy mashed banana would be an awesome combination for the chocolate.  In short, there is potential with this one but needs work.

The passionfruit cheese cake was a little better but the fruit was overpoweringly tart and the lovely cheese cake was stopped dead in its tracks and couldn't do much to elevate itself, especially also having to battle the salt and honey oat base.

Overall, lovely ideas and we hope they continue to work at it.  It's too pretty a place to have to let go.  The passionate owners reveal that there is more to come and the peeps cannot wait to try.  But there is some way to go before they can justify the $8 price tag on each of the cakes.

93 East Coast Road
Singapore 428792
Tel: (+65) 6342 0677

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  1. I pretty much agree with your review - they have the passion and they will improve. Hopefully, they will introduce more variety too, since that has been a complaint I heard from quite a few people.