Sunday, June 13, 2010

Los Angeles - Chaba

J and I decided to chill.  And so, she introduces me to her local hangout, with a Thai twist.  We got a seat at the bar and had a wonderful time, with Ken helming the bar.  She loosens up with a Cosmo and I stick to tried and tested Coke, coca cola that is.

The chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce started us off for the night.  My only complaint, they use chicken breast.  But heck, the whole country generally does.  I don't care much for breasts and prefer the more succulent dark meat cuts.  Oh well.

J's spicy noodle was addictive for the chili-basil combi which I love usually with a heap of rice.  But done with rice noodles, it was more than tasty and I was glad for J to share a little with me.

Especially since my Pad-Thai took a little long to get to me - Ken was apologetic and I was chilled enough not to kick up a fuss.  The Pad-Thai was just what I needed to get a little taste of home, although comparatively speaking, this was a little heavy on the ketchup.  Overall, a nice comfort dish, albeit a little greasy.  But it put me in the right frame of mind, as I prepared to head home the following day.

Do check this out if you're in the South Bay area.  You'll at least have a great time, even if the food can be a little "raw".

525 S. Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach
CA 90277
Tel: +1.310.540.8441

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