Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hong Kong - Kitchen @ W Hotel

Eclectic decor ala Alice in Wonderland, with displays of gravity defying crockery, cats, rabbits, and other wondrous creatures from the secret place. 

The spread is not huge but has something enough to offer.  A nice open kitchen which surprisingly does not leave you smelling like the food as you depart.  The best table, despite the great views in the dining area, is the high table in the Kitchen.  Close to the food and where all the action is, it is surprisingly private, and if you have enough to make up a table of about 10 (it can seat up to about 16 to 18 comfortably), ask for it by choice. 

The $138 free flow of drinks (wine, beer or soft drinks is a good deal) although I stick to the main menu since I like the extensive variety of healthy mixes and mocktails.

Food won't be the best you've ever had but I did like the cold starters - the herbed salmon was surprisingly good.  The lamb chops, specially requested from the grill, were yummy.  Charred just right, and very tender.  For desserts, no lady can reject the chocolate fountain or the hotcakes on offer. 

Overall, a great place to hang with a group of buddies, enjoying a decent enough dinner that is akin to someone's designer kitchen space, and just being glad to be in the other's company.  No more, no less.

6/F, W Hotel
1 Austin Road West
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852-3717 2299

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