Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hong Kong - Thai Simple Kitchen

6 years into business and Thai Simple Kitchen is still reeling in the crowds. They rarely take reservations and you cannot get seated if you don't have half your party with you. Even with generous seating both indoors and outdoors, and in the wake of the financial crisis, WHY?

Thai Simple! Or 泰简单 (a play on the Cantonese sounds which means "way too simple"). But so clever. Good quality hearty Thai food at good value, helmed by a Thai chef who's won many awards. It's not fine dining but it is good.

My favourites:
Appetiser of crispy rice cracker with a light peanut-based sauce. They also do a variation using cold rice noodles and crab meat with the same sauce. Both are great!

Deep fried prawn cakes. Bouncy prawn colloid deep fried to a golden brown and served accompanied with a tangy plum sauce.

Pomelo Salad tossed wtih fish sauce and lime, dessicated coconut and topped with pork floss, is refreshing, even if not spectacular!

Tom Yum Goong with prawns is a rich prawn-based stock, in contrast with the usual clear chicken-based ones. I'm not a huge fan of prawns but I do like a good prawn soup and this is one of them. A tad salty but very tasty and not too spicy.
The pad thai is very competent and is served in an egg net garnished by huge prawns.

What is unique and very good is the "golden pillow". Yellow curry with clams and fresh coconut slices served in a bread loaf that's baked to a crisp on the outside. The combination of textures with the curry is wonderful.

Desserts are also good, my favourites being the pumpkin cake and the layered cake (in green in the background).

If you've never been, it's simply (pardon the pun) worth the wait to try!

Thai Simple Kitchen
3/F President Theatre
517 Jaffe Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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