Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hong Kong - Pang's Kitchen 彭庆记

Pang's Kitchen has been serving up great Cantonese cuisine in Happy Valley for many years, with a special focus on Shun De cuisine. As most Chinese know the saying, the best food comes from Canton and the best chefs come from Shun De.

My favourites include the Baked Fish Guts - yes, well it tastes much better than it sounds. Baked with eggs and topped off with crispy crullers, the dish is fragrant and the fish guts lend a nice pate-like texture and livery taste to it. No description does this dish justice and even the faint-hearted can try. After all, how bad can a baked casserole be?

The lotus root/minced pork patties and the shrimp patties are also very good and excellent as an appetiser with an iced cold beer.

Other specials like the braised pig trotters in a plum sauce (picture above), strawberry ribs, black pepper beef with sugar snaps, and the steamed fish with yellow bean paste are also worth trying.

Another plus, the daily soups at Pang's are excellent and just like Gramma's!

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