Monday, December 24, 2012

Fukuoka - Naginoki なぎの木

Canal City Mall

I can't remember the last time I spent Christmas away from home.  A little odd especially since Fukuoka isn't actually known for its Christmas spirit, although there no short of Christmas lights at Canal city, which sits on the bank of the river that runs through the city.  Landing in sunshine did little to take away the bite of the cold except being able to wear cool shades almost anywhere, well until about 5.30 when it starts to get dark.

Fukuoka is exciting for the local cuisine that it is famous for, most notably Hakata ramen (more on that later when I actually get out to try some).

Most places will tell you that Fukuoka is home of the "nabe" or hotpot, and nothing short of beef or pork offal will do.  Sounds a little off putting?  My motsunabe of beef giblets was better than expected.  It was hard to tell actually which part of the cow they used in bite sized pieces of fat and chew combined but in a classic stock of soy with cabbage, chives and tofu, it made for a heartwarming Christmas dish.  Better than turkey!

Mentaiko tempura
Black sugar plum wine
A side of tempura, with its salty spiciness, made for a great starter with a black sugar plum wine on the rocks.  Another great way to warm up too.

It's going to be a cold Christmas but the food here in Fukuoka should do wonders to warm things up, especially at a Yatai (street vendor)?

Merry Christmas!

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