Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singapore - Kookaburra Restaurant & Gastrobar

It's all day breakfast with a twist.  With a name like Kookaburra, it's gotta be Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.  But they don't serve the bird.  They do however, have kangaroo on its menu.  The menu is a little eclectic with Aussie offerings with local twist.  And when one picks up the menu, it is quite a piece of work.  It's busy to say the least, and takes a while to pore through.  For people who have mental blocks about "fusion", things like Kurobuta Rendang and Kangaroo satay might be worrisome.  But the good news is they do manage to pull it off.

Fluffy Pancake Stack
But this was the winner for me.  Yes, the pancakes are fluffy, but it was the crispy pork belly combined with caramelized apples and cinnamon rhubarb ice cream which made this quite astounding.  If you try nothing else here, try this.

Tasting Platter - Kangaroo satay, baked scallops with mayonaise, popcorn shrimp, salmon wraps
Kangaroo is not a wow, but it is a pretty good meat to have on a satay.  Or a guilt free satay since it is good meat for you.  Very little fat and not too gamey.  A fairly decent combo platter of deep fried, baked, grilled and chilled.

Caesar Salad
Ironically the breads stole the show on the salad.  I'm told they bake their own and these walnut slices had the right consistency with enough chew on them to release the fragrance of the flour and walnuts.  I would definitely order bread based stuff next time I go.

Grape juice
Juices are fresh and they have wonderful concoctions.  Critical to a breakfast joint like this one.

A good place to chill and eat brekkie anytime of day.  Service was attentive (maybe because it was a slow night) but they were all very accommodating since we changed tables 3 times.  All smiles and great recommendations from the staff.  That in itself is already a huge plus.

180 Albert Court
#01-09 Albert Court Village Hotel
Tel: 65-85222365

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