Monday, April 2, 2012

Hong Kong - Bridges Okinawa Robata Dining

Friday night and no reservations.  That’s a darn tough thing in Hong Kong, especially in Causeway Bay.  So we thought we hit the jackpot when we arrived at Bridges and were told there was availability after having been turned away at 2 other places already.  It was a bonus when we saw that they were part of the En group which boasts Rakuen, our favorite Okinawan place in Hong Kong.  
Bridges’ advantage is space.  There is actually lots of it by Hong Kong standards.  Seats are comfortable and tables big enough.  There are also tatami lined rooms if you feel like doing the Japanese living room thing but I prefer to keep my shoes on when dining out, unless I’m in flip flops. You can also have a decent conversation without having to battle neighboring diners and the regular shouts of “irrashaimase”!  Unfortunately, space seemed to be the only thing which saved the day at Bridges.  
If the kitchen at Rakuen was a 10, Bridges was a 5.  Food wasn’t bad but it certainly was mediocre, at best.   Perhaps the 2 more competent dishes of the night:
Grilled Ox Tongue with Miso and Sichuan Pepper
The grilled ox tongue with Miso and Sichuan pepper was pretty good.  Tongue was tender and miso was the sweet kind and good with Sake.  Takes a little savouring before you can actually taste the Sichuan pepper though.
Clam, Sea Urchin and Jewel Leaf Tempura
This was decent although we wished they had used better produce though since they weren’t necessarily the freshest.
Okinawan classics were only passable.  

Okinawa Home Made Peanut Tofu
The peanut tofu wasn’t as fragrant as Rakuen's and a little too chewy.
Stir fried Bittergourd with Okinawa Pork
This was tasteless and disappointing especially if like me, you've been spoilt by Rakuen and Yakichi, also in the same En Group.
Stone grilled rolled Wagyu with spring onions
The biggest rip off of the evening was so-labeled grilled rolled Wagyu with spring onions on a hot stone.  Overly salted and not a good cut but priced for a cut that is meant to be 10 times better.  Never again.
Minced Toro Handroll
My minced Toro handroll was tasteless (if that’s even possible).  A real waste really.  
Baumkuchen with Black Sugar Ice cream
The supposedly house dessert of Baumkuchen (german for tree cake) tasted more like tree bark.  Our server insisted on taking a bite after we left it and insinuated we didn’t know what real Baumkuchen tasted like.  Oh well.. I’m gonna go to Kobe to be educated since my education at Ginza queuing a long time for the famous one is nothing to count for. 
Enough said.  

6/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-3428 2131

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