Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hong Kong - Uno Duo Trio - Lana's Rustic Home Cooking

Tucked in a non-descript commercial building in the backstreets of Causeway Bay which actually boasts a few eateries, Uno Duo Trio seemed from reviews to fit the bill of decent food in a less expensive space type of deal.

It is a place which takes credit cards, unlike other "private kitchens" but it is still very much home style in terms of service and feel.  I didn't ask but assume the knowledgeable lady who explains the menu is Lana.  She enthusiastically explains the menu, what's good and what's just arrived from the shores of Italy.

Bread and Condiments
We order and get the obligatory bread and condiments, served on an artist's palette to start.  I liked the pesto and balsamic but breads were so-so, the polenta based one better than the focaccia.

Grilled Sardines
Sardines were well done.  Nicely grilled to a crisp but with skin still intact and the flesh plump and fluffy.  Touch of rocket and lemon and it didn't need more.

Gamberi Rossi de Sicilia al Mandilli de Saea
If you like prawns, this is your dish.  The sauce is almost exclusively prawn, given reprieve only by the shredded basil.  I liked that they used prawns from the Mediterranean.  Less bouncy than what Asians are used to but much sweeter.  The homemade ribbons of pasta did well to take up as much sauce as possible and were suitably al dente.

Baked pork loin
This was the least impressive dish of the night.  A tad salty and a tad tough.  Perhaps my Asian-ness in liking my meats laced with a little fat has marred by judgment for lean cuts but c'est la vie, life isn't good without a few guilty pleasures.

There wasn't anything too Italian about the Cheesecake but it decent, and served in a cute little wooden box, similar to the box in which the bill comes.  Creamy, dense, cheesy - what cheesecakes are all about.

Overall, a decent experience.  Service is home-style, friendly but a little dis-organised and forgetful at times.  So don't expect a fine dining experience.  After all, it is rustic home cooking that's really on offer here. 

19/F, Bartlock Centre
3 Yiu Wa Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-3489 3862

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