Sunday, September 18, 2011

Singapore - DB Bistro Moderne

Ladies who lunch are fab.  It's been so busy that I've forgotten how to enjoy a leisurely lunch.  And so on the eve of a holiday, it doesn't get better.  

Daniel Boulud, one of the celebrity chefs who've set up shop in Singapore, has his bistro in the newish Sands integrated resort down in Marina Bay.  It's a comfortable place to dine in, with warm lighting, dark wood interiors, reminiscent of a old-style Parisian bistro but with modern fittings.

I ordered a home-made lemonade, which was overly sweet.  And cloyingly so.  I don't know why I didn't send it back since it was almost like drinking undiluted cordial.  Must have been the holiday mood..

Bread Basket
No complaints with the bread basket, which eased the hunger pangs of a late lunch.  Soft, with a nice chewy texture.  If only they used better butter..

Tarte Fine Provencal
I wasn't quite sure about this one.  My favorite bit was the smoked Mozarella melted over the top.  The chewiness of the cheese allowed the savory smokiness to linger and bring what was otherwise lacking in flavor to the tart.  The chopped up tomato and eggplant under the cheese was ratatouille like and while you could tell the 2 ingredients, didn't taste of much more.  Maybe it's just me, but the combination of the 2 just wasn't enough.  The squirt tail of Sauce Vierge on the side didn't add anything either.  Pleasant enough but very person-next-door.  Wouldn't order it again.

The Frenchie Burger
The burger on the other hand was total Yums.  A good quality beef patty topped with a confit pork belly (like bacon but thicker and better)!  The other condiments of caramelised onions, Morbier cheese (a French Mozarella) and cornichons added to the experience but did not distract.  It was really about the 2 meats.  I was a little apprehensive about the black pepper bun at first but happy it did not add too much spice.  And of course the fries were nothing short of good.  Even towards the end of the meal, they retained their crispiness and were extremely full flavored.  Probably deep fried in fat, but that's how you get that quality, so really can't argue with that.

Gourmet burgers are the way to go here so next time I want my fix, I know where to go.  Will I be a lady who lunches again soon enough?

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Tel: +65-66888525

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