Saturday, June 20, 2009

Los Angeles - Petros Greek Cuisine and Lounge

I'm not a huge fan of Greek food but game enough to try it and hoping I would be pleasantly surprised on a fine Californian sunshine day. And if you're hosted by an entertainment lawyer from LA, you know she knows the scene (even if she's being humble!).

Petros was indeed a pleasant surprise! Set right in the Manhattan Beach Village, very cool and on a Friday afternoon, the patio was filled with all types of ladies who lunch - corporate types, dress down Friday types, gym types, biking types, yoga types... you get the picture.

The lunch menu is almost made for these women and why not? Refreshing salad combinations, couple of soups, and entrees which are yummy but don't start your weekend on a draggy note.

C had the Karpouzi salad - frsh watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, Epirus feta, manouri cheese, generously drizzled with Greek honey and mint. Sweet but not cloying, freshly tart but not sour, bound together with all the yummy dairy and honey from Greece, you feel your eyes perk up as you tuck into every mouthful, made different depending on what your fork picks up.
I loved my Gyro Giaourti - grilled gyro slices, with homemade Greek yoghurt, red onion, tomatoes and perfect shoestring fries (and mind you - this ain't a burger joint). The Greek burger which didn't make me feel guilty and became my energy for the Friday workout to come!

Highly recommended by others and now I see why. I just might change my mind about Greek food, we shall see.

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach,
CA 90266
Tel: +1.310.545.4100

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